Is James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks, Insane or just madly in love with Isaiah Thomas?

James inherited CableVision from his father, not his father's business sense

Though I often couldn’t care less about the typical drama that ensues with all of New York City professional sport’s teams, I am completely puzzled by the Knicks’ latest decision to not renew Donnie Walsh’s expiring contract or at least offer him his option year.

But before I get into analyzing James Dolan’s insanity or his down-right lack of intelligence, I want to take a look at a little Knicks history from this past decade: Continue reading

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College Athletes Should Get Paid

One of the hotter topics this spring in college athletics has been whether college athletes should get paid. What many people have quietly called for and coaches have secretly long-supported is now being discussed among some of the movers and shakers of college sports. I know there are many arguments against paying student athletes, and honestly, for a long time I was a big supporter of not paying student athletes. But, after thinking about the issues, a number of which I will discuss below, my opinion has changed. While I don’t believe schools will begin paying players anytime soon, I do believe student athletes at all schools should receive a stipend of $3,000-5,000 in addition to their scholarship in order to help cover the true cost of living and allow athletes to participate in the financial success they are helping to generate.

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2011 NBA Finals Predictions

Did someone forget to give Scottie his meds or what?

“Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven … Ay and when I say that, and when I say that, I really believe it.  I’m not just up here blowing smoke at none of these fans, um because that’s not what I’m about, I’m about business, and we believe we can win multiple championships if we take care of business and do it the right way.”[1] -LeBron James

It is really difficult to fully appreciate what these teams have done this season.  The Heat ran through the two best teams in the Eastern Conference in ten games.  While the Celtics weren’t “who we thought they were,” and the Bulls were young and inexperience, the naysayers still wouldn’t have predicted the Heat making quick work of the competition.  The Mavs managed to beat a Portland team that many had them losing against.  They then went on the road and took two games form the defending world champions, on their way to a shocking sweep.[2]  Ending their, most impressive, playoff run with two magnificent comebacks against OKC.

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Please Larry, Don’t Go

Hey Larry,

This is a little awkward since we’ve done this whole contract dance a couple of times now. I’m not blaming you- the NFL is a business and you should get the maximum benefit out of your career. Note that I used the word “benefit,” not salary. Let’s take a look back.

When the Cardinals first drafted you in 2004, they made a pretty big mistake. The last two years of your contract had huge incentives, all of which you reached. After the 2007 season, we were on the books to pay you $32 million for the next two years combined. That’s not only starting QB money, that’s multiple pro-bowl, franchise QB money. It was dumb and cheap on the Cardinals part to put in huge incentives to sign you, but it worked out well for you. So instead of the $32 million over two years they were supposed to pay you, you took a pay-cut to help us out- something Cardinals fans will always appreciate. $40 million for 4 years (expiring after this next season), with a no-trade clause and a no-franchise tag clause. This led to the two best seasons in Cardinals history, culminating in a near Superbowl win (I spent the last ten minutes wanting to throw up while remembering the last two minutes of that game, second by second) and a second round exit to the Saints the year after- more playoff success in two years than the Cardinals had ever had.

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Why Mike Brown was a Good Hire for the Los Angeles Lakers

All Smiles in LA for Mike Brown

So I’ve heard loads of criticism from Cavs fans that the recent hire of Mike Brown was absolutely terrible for the Lakers. Personally, my favorite comment was that the Lakers “went from the triangle offense to no offense!” Apparently people from Cleveland enjoy terrible jokes as much as they enjoy rooting for teams that choke annually.

Now I’d like to take a step back from the Stephen A. Smiths and the J.A. Adandes, who admittedly have predilections toward the Lakers, but have also recently joined in the blasting of the Lakers’ management for their coaching vacancy decision. I can’t take them seriously because I truly feel that they would criticize the Lakers regardless if they hired Brown, Dunleavy, Adelman, or even Shaw. The Lakers are obviously in trouble as too many opposing teams have too much young talent. Forecasting that the next Laker coach will fail to win a title is the easiest and safest prediction to make for a journalist. Continue reading

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2011 Eastern Conference Finals Wrap up: Miami Heat v. Chicago Bulls

Never been a fan of Adidas, but these are kinda tight.

Remember this number: 2:37.  It’s not the time on the shot clock.  Or the seconds left in the game.  It’s not the number of times I will light you up.  Nah, 2:37 isn’t any of that … wait, what?[1]  Actually it was the number of seconds left in the game.  The Chicago Bulls were up by 10 points with 2 minutes and 37 seconds left and managed to find a way to collapse, choke, and lose.  We were ready to send this thang back to South Beach, ready to take the first step towards making some history, and then it happened.  All the things that worried me about this Bulls team came to a head in just 2:37: 1) one man cannot do it alone, 2) this team desperately lacked experience, and 3) the Miami Heat – RE:[2]

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Does Man-U Stand a Chance Against Barca? Probably Not.

BY: EastCoastBias

This Saturday, the world’s premier club soccer competition comes to an end, as Spanish champions Barcelona meet English champions Manchester United at historic Wembley Stadium in London. This is a rematch of the 2009 Champions League final in Rome, where Pep Guardiola’s men thoroughly outclassed Sir Alex Ferguson’s men in a 2-0 victory. Continue reading

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