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Inspirational Bloag Entry of the Week

I had an opportunity to sit down with an old mentor of mine today, someone I respect tremendously. She told me she was very proud of the person I was becoming. I told her I’m proud of myself because I … Continue reading

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Back to Bloaging

I must bloag as I have not in years. I have to currently particularly because I’m about to start a 4 hour lecture on being kind to patients, which is impossible to me to bear as I’m a douchebag, which … Continue reading

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Back on the Grass: Our 2011 Wimbledon Preview

Guest Article: Dr. SS Love The freshness of the grass at Wimbledon has begun to tickle my senses as we near what will be two weeks of my life dedicated to watching and analyzing every passing moment in what I … Continue reading

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The Bush Crush

Guest Article by A. SPLATTER With the BCS having stripped the USC Football team of the 2004 National Championship title, and the USC athletic program having exhausted all their available appeals to the NCAA, it seems that the “Reggie Bush … Continue reading

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Is James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks, Insane or just madly in love with Isaiah Thomas?

Though I often couldn’t care less about the typical drama that ensues with all of New York City professional sport’s teams, I am completely puzzled by the Knicks’ latest decision to not renew Donnie Walsh’s expiring contract or at least … Continue reading

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Are the Sharks the only Anti-Clutch team out there?

Frequent commentator SwagFlu recently asked if the San Jose Sharks are the most ‘anti-clutch’ team in the 2000’s (see here).  The comment got me thinking: who are the most anti-clutch teams? More importantly, what defines an anti-clutch team? ‘Clutch’ as … Continue reading

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CEOs vs Athletes

A recent article just stated Lionel Messi’s income for 2011 will be about $55 Million. According to a 2010 report on the richest athletes, that makes Messi second to Tiger Woods (yes he still makes over $100M a year post … Continue reading

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