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US Soccer Superstars?

The WSJ just recently published this article on the lack of US supremacy in the futbol world. The author, Matthew Futterman, states that the US is losing out on excuses on why we do not have a bonafide soccer player … Continue reading

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Are the Sharks the only Anti-Clutch team out there?

Frequent commentator SwagFlu recently asked if the San Jose Sharks are the most ‘anti-clutch’ team in the 2000’s (see here).  The comment got me thinking: who are the most anti-clutch teams? More importantly, what defines an anti-clutch team? ‘Clutch’ as … Continue reading

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End of the Mavericks

Last week the world renowned Maverick surf competition lost its sponsor Barracuda Networks.

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Year of the Shark?

Over the past 14 years, the San Jose Sharks have participated in 12 playoff tournaments [1].  Within the past 8 playoff runs, the Sharks have held the Pacific Division Title 6 times [2].  They have had 17 all-star player appearances … Continue reading

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Derek Jeter and David Beckham are two of the few sports players that have not only dominated a sport, but have also transferred their image into pop culture.  Both are pretty boys, both have played for the most elite of … Continue reading

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World Cup 2011 – Clash of the Titans

Co-Written by The Unknown Sports and Skye-Da-Man The finalists are in, the venue is set, and the atmosphere is chaotic.  Both India and Sri Lanka have fought their way through to the World Cup Final match.  More impressively, they did … Continue reading

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CEOs vs Athletes

A recent article just stated Lionel Messi’s income for 2011 will be about $55 Million. According to a 2010 report on the richest athletes, that makes Messi second to Tiger Woods (yes he still makes over $100M a year post … Continue reading

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