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2011 NBA Finals, Mavs v. Heat – How Did We Get Here?

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 NBA Finals are set: Miami Heat v. Dallas Mavericks.  If you’re thinking I’m getting ahead of myself, allow me to point you to a historical fact – only 8 teams have rallied from down 3-1, … Continue reading

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Dirk Nowitzki: How Good Was May 17th’s Peformance?

Initially I was going to write an article on how good Derrick Rose actually is in historical context.  I’m not going to anymore.  Last night was too much.       Some of you likely had déjà vu from when Dirk Nowitzki … Continue reading

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My Favorite NBA and NFL Analysts

As sports bloggers, we like to keep up with the thoughts of analysts and journalists across the country.  This article is a selection of some of my favorites – my “go tos” – in basketball and football.  I’d love to … Continue reading

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The Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball

This week Major League Baseball took control of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  And I just can’t seem to figure out why.   Jayson Stark of ESPN yesterday called this move by the MLB unprecedented in any professional sport – akin to … Continue reading

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United States Men’s Tennis Blows.

As a loyal fan of Pardon the Interruption, I was sad when I missed a classic Tony Kornheiser moment.  SemihErden paraphrases it as: “American Tennis is now borderline irrelevant.”  Why though?  What happened to the Agassi/Sampras days where Americans dominated … Continue reading

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The LA Lakers Will Be Champions in 2011

With the MLB season heating up, it’s only appropriate to talk about basketball.  Derrick Rose is wowing, Dwight Howard is plowing, and Carmelo Anthony’s Knicks are souring.  In the meantime, the Lakers of Los Angeles are taking care of business … Continue reading

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The Thing About Sports

I’m going to admit something: I don’t know much about real loss.  I count my blessings every day;  all things considered, I’m a pretty fortunate guy.  So when I heard the truly tragic story of Wes Leonard, I began to … Continue reading

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