25twofour is a sports blog started by a few former undergraduate students at the University of California, Berkeley.  As passionate sports fans, we seek to promote thoughtful and original commentary on both historical and contemporary issues in sports.  We hope that our blog serves as a platform for healthy debates on controversial sports topics.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our site, or if you’d like to be a regular contributor to the site, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us by leaving a reply below.

About the Authors:

SemihErden – Tennis Champ

He is an initiator, a brother, a leader, a loyalist.  He does more than not enough and less than too much: a fine balance.  He favors the Bolly to the Holly and has the innate ability to jump on stage if needed.  He is the keystone that keeps 25twofour together.

FromMontanaToCrabtree – Starting Pitcher

He is the philosopher, the thinker, the writer, the devils advocate.  He enjoys the baseball crackerjack, the football beer, and the basketball nachos…with the occasional scotch.  He resonates in the spotlight without taking away from the cast.  He is the wind that keeps 25twofour free from storm.

Flying Haque – Point Guard

He is the eagle, the bear, the cardinal, the diamondback, and the sun.  He understands the complicated while expressing simplicity.  He is always up for a challenge and rarely defeated.  Never without a grin, he is the heart that keeps the body of 25twofour going.

Pakastallion – Quarterback

He is a son, brother, uncle, and newly-married dad.  He enjoys the intricacies of cricket bowling.  On occasions he has been known to “cut-a-rug” while chin-wagging with the better half of society.  He currently is in search of someone who can teach him the meaning of life; while sparing him the nuanced details necessary to understand such meaning.  On Friday nights, you will find … that he is writing for this blog.  On Saturday nights, you will find … that he is editing for this blog.  He is ambivalent about his own ambivalence.  A gentleman in the Confucian sense, he is the sun that makes 25twofour shine.

The Unknown Sports – Attacking Midfielder

He is a rock climber, a paraglider, a surfer, a mountain biker, a gym rat, and of course, a friend.  He is infused with wanderlust, always content when feeling restless.  He enjoys the calm before the storm, while relishing the actual storm.  He is a 49er, a Warrior, a Giant, a Shark, an Earthquake, and a Gunner.  He lives for the spontaneous and follows the plan.  He is a man for others and is the water that keeps 25twofour afloat.

KidVeesh – Shooting Guard

He is the classy, the intelligent, the curious, the shameless.  He is the Laker.  Rain, shine, injured, or not, he is always there to play the game.   A proud product of Newhall and always full of surprises, he is the torch that keeps 25twofour on the path.

Dr. Dirt – Towel Boy

He hails from the West Coast, but after spending 4 years at an East Coast university, he is beginning to show some East Coast bias himself. He bleeds Chelsea blue and doesn’t actually know how to post anything on the blog.  He is the moss on the 25twofour house.


The views expressed here are solely the views of the respective authors, not of the University of California, UC Regents, University of California, Berkeley, or any other academic institution.  The copyright in articles published on this blog belong solely to the authors to which the articles are attributed.


3 Responses to About

  1. Kabir says:


    I enjoy reading your articles. Few comments/questions I had. What is the position or angle of this website? Is there any allegiance to bay-area sports teams or is this just about identifying and discussing controversial topics in sports? I feel like none of the writers have an “identity”, which is a big reason why people would come back if they like it. Biased or not, I know I’d come back if there was something about a writer I found particularly interesting throughout all his articles.

    As a comment, I would contact Stumbleupon and request to get your site put into their database, that would definitely help with getting the word out.

    • pakastallion says:


      Thanks for the kind words. If we had a specific identity, it would be a lean towards pragmatic sports writing on topics you might not get from most sports websites. We want to help commence and facilitate discussion on relevant topics by way of reference to our work, other articles, or the random happenings in the sports world. Finally, we want to help spread interesting media pieces, survey our readers, and publish op-ed pieces. On some levels, we want to try and translate the living-room debates that go on among passionate sports fans into a forum available for everyone to chime in. AS we publish more work, I think the ‘identity’ or ‘leanings’ or ‘personality’ of each writer will come to fruition. Also, we currently are focusing our efforts on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and major sports events from all sports including those at the collegiate level (no limitations to the bay-area or any other regions.) So, you will see article on the Aussie Open, or this weeks MMA match-up between Silva and Belfort.

      Having said that, we will def heed the advice, and work towards drawing out the identity of our writers. Also, thanks for the Stumbleupon tip, we will take advantage of that. Thanks again for the insight! It is much appreciated.

  2. Josie says:

    Involve writers from other sections of the country which will expand the blogs reach and credibility…personally, I like to write for this blog if possible. Thanks

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