The Dallas Mavericks Will Beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in Six Games

And so begins the NBA version of the Red River Shootout. The Los Ange—. Scratch that. The Dallas Mavericks. The Oklahoma City Thunder. Get yo’ game face on, folks. This year’s Western Conference Finals promises to be one of the best we’ve seen in a while. When the WCF gets underway on Tuesday, the league’s oldest team will trade punches with the league’s youngest bunch. Who will prevail? I say the Mavericks, of course.

The 3 Most Important Storylines

Dirk Nowitzki v. Kevin Durant

A lot of this series will come down to which superstar emerges as the MVP. Durant has been a scoring machine thus far in the playoffs, averaging more points than any other player. But Dirk has arguably been playing the best basketball of his career – knocking down 3s, 90+% at the line, and playing solid D by Dirk’s standards. I give the edge to Dirk. He knows that his window for winning a championship is small, and there’s no better time than now.

Which version of Russell Westbrook will show up in the WCF?

If Westbrook plays like Derrick Rose, he’ll crush us. I know the Mavs play good help defense, but he’ll still crush us. However, thus far in the playoffs, he’s looked less like Derrick Rose and more like…um, Jason Williams? This is really going to come back to bite me in the ass. Anyways, if Westbrook takes more shots than Durant, and emerges as the “Durant stopper” (thanks, PakaStallion), the Mavericks will be overjoyed. If he accepts his role as the second scoring option on the team, and manages to rebound and drop dimes in addition to scoring (as he did in Game 7), the Mavericks are in trouble. Oh, and did I mention turnovers?

Bench Play

The bench play of the Mavericks proved to be pivotal in their sweep of the defending champs. But will they continue to show up? If they’re going to beat the Thunder, the Mavericks will need quality minutes from Stojakovic, Barea, Terry, and Haywood. On the other hand, the Thunder will need a BIG-TIME effort from James Harden, because the Mavericks will not lose to a two-man scoring team (Westbrook and Durant). If the Mavericks’ bench plays like they did against the Lakers, the Mavericks might wrap this one up earlier than most would think.

My Prediction

The Mavericks in six.

I shouldn’t do this, I really shouldn’t. I know that this is going to come back to haunt me. But I really do think the Mavericks are the superior team. And I think they’ve overcome their mental issues, after closing out the Blazers in Portland and sweeping the Lake Show. Dirk is playing the best basketball of his life, and the Mavericks might be the deepest team left in the playoffs (with Chicago a close second). I know the Thunder are young, quick, and high-scoring, but I think their youth will catch up with them. The Mavericks have suffered a series of heart-breaking playoff losses, but they’re undoubtedly the more battle-tested of the two teams. That’s why I give the nod to my Dallas Mavericks.

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9 Responses to The Dallas Mavericks Will Beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in Six Games

  1. Caleb D. says:

    Every media outlet has the Mavs in 6. I am an OKC fan, but honestly agree that OKC is the underdog here. This will be another hardfought series for the Thunder that I think will continue through 7 games. Dallas may get this one because of HCA.

    Then again, who wants old guys in a grind of a series that could see OT quarters aplenty. Didn’t most of the media outlets have the Spurs and the Lakers in 6 games to? All I know is that this is gonna be FUN FUN FUN to watch.

    • SemihErden says:

      Dirk is old by NBA standards, but he’s not the same kind of “old” as Duncan or Kobe. While the latter two seem to be in a career decline, Dirk seems to be playing better than ever. Not to mention, his bench is the deepest left in the playoffs. I think for those reasons you can distinguish the Mavs from the Spurs or Lakers this year.

  2. kidveesh says:

    It’s a real team vs. a bunch of athletes. Mavs in 5 in my opinion.

  3. jumar says:

    When you take a clear look at it Dirks game is similar to that of Zach Randolph. If Nick Collison could contain randolph why not dirk. sure, dirk is a better player and he will get his buckets but nick is gonna give him a hard time. The other question is who’s gonna defend durant? Peja? Marion?

    • SemihErden says:

      I think comparing Nowitzki to Randolph is bordering on disrespect to Dirk. Sure, Randolph had a great series and is a quality player in the league, but he’s no Dirk. Unlike Randolph, Dirk is a phenomenal FT shooter and a phenomenal 3 Pt. shooter. Moreover, Dirk is more mobile than Randolph and he can hurt you in more ways (fade-aways, post-ups, driving, 18 ft. jumpers, 3-ball, etc.).

      As to your point about KD, I don’t think we’ll be able to stop Durant, but we might be able to limit him with Marion, Stevenson, and Cory Brewer. Also don’t be surprised if J. Kidd switches on Durant at times, like he did on Kobe, leaving Terry or Barea to guard Westbrook.

      • pakastallion says:

        If the words “Kidd,” “switches,” “on,” “Durant,” connect in anyway at anytime this series, KD will go for 35+ on 20 shots.

  4. Alex says:

    Paka is right about that… Cmon kidd was good now is an experienced OLD point guard…Durant will post and go for 40+ not 35… And jumar please watch games 1 and 4 again please… Dirk is amazing… And he took the best PF title award for this season…

  5. denis the menace says:

    Whoever you are, you are correct : Dallas will beat Oklahoma, whether in 5 ,6 or 7 games, but they will !!!

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