End of the Mavericks

Maverick Insanity

Last week the world renowned Maverick surf competition lost its sponsor Barracuda Networks.

The half moon bay swell is infamous for its extremely high waves and dangerous rocky beach.  Waves can be between 25 to 80 feet high (for amateur surfers, just 10 feet is too high).  However, these two effects of nature did nothing to stop the avid, albeit a little crazy, surfer.  Big wave enthusiasts are too addicted to the adrenaline rush and feel of a high drop down.  Even with two deaths associated with the swell (Mark Foo and Sion Milosky), with more not even accounted for, the contest draws regular crowds.

Yet, with a lack of a sponsor it looks like the contest will be on hiatus until some other group/person/company can fund it again.

Check out a more detailed account of the sponsorship issues here.

Waves can reach to up to 80ft high

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3 Responses to End of the Mavericks

  1. kevin says:

    this article blows. like seriously what is this even supposed to be about?

  2. Jimmy says:

    I completely agree with the post above. This article doesnt even discuss the sport of surfing. I came across this blog a few weeks back when you guys discussed NCAA v NBA. But to tell you the truth unknown sports, you seem to know very little about sports. When there other intriguing items to write about like NBA, uefa, or NFL- why not write about them? You’d be wise to follow your fellow bloggers lead and write about relevant topics with insightful commentary.


  3. The Unknown Sports says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the insight, but this posting is to simply state that the Mavericks competition is over until they find another sponsor…not an article on the sport of surfing.

    In terms of writing about the big 5 (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer), there are plenty of topics to discuss, however there are still intriguing items with regard to the lesser known sports. If you are looking for articles only related to the top 5 sports, then follow my fellow bloggers and their ‘relevant’ topics.

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