Derek Jeter and David Beckham are two of the few sports players that have not only dominated a sport, but have also transferred their image into pop culture.  Both are pretty boys, both have played for the most elite of sports teams, and both have amazing pull with the lady gender.  So it is time to put these two heavy weights to the test and see who is the “bigger” player (let’s loosely define bigger as the player with more influence on culture, more world wide recognition, etc…basically choosing who you would rather be) 

In one corner:  Derek Jeter

This smile has captured women's hearts

Jeter owns New York City. He has lost some influence with the emergence of Diddy and Jay-Z throwing out NYC music, but as a sports player it is Jeter that ‘runs the town’.  Not only that, but he manages to play for one of the best teams in all of baseball (a team that has been his childhood favorite no less).

With an apartment in Trump Tower and mansions in Tampa, Marlboro, and Greenwood Lake, money is no issue to this shortstop.

It is not only sports and money with Jeter though, he is also known for his UNCANNY ability to date an amazingly hot female and in some cases, put said female on the celebrity map.  Jeter has been with Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Joy Enriquez, Jordana Brewster (the fast and the furious actress), Jessica Biel (who gained hot status post Dawson’s Creek), and recently Minka Kelly.  I strongly recommend clicking here to get a photo slide show of each woman.  Most people did not even know who Minka Kelly was, until Jeter started dating her (she is an actress…FYI).


In the opposite corner:  David Beckham

Pretty boy at his finest

If Jeter owns NYC, then Beckham owns the entirety of the United Kingdom and Spain…heck perhaps all of Western Europe.  He has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and now the LA Galaxy.  Three of the teams are the most recognized in each of their respective countries (with the most awards).

The man also owns “Beckingham Palace” in Hertfordshire, UK and a mansion in Beverly Hills.  He, like Jeter, has no issue with money.

Beckingham Palace

Beckham was also able to land a spice girl.  Let me repeat: A SPICE GIRL.  He is famously married to Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham.  They are the “Brad and Jennifer/Angelina” of the UK.

He also has a movie named after him.

So with the two contenders, who do you chose?

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