Backside Triple Cork 1440

Picture a tornado.  Now picture a tornado spinning on its vertical axis IN ADDITION to its already moving horizontal axis.  What do you get?  INSANITY.

Mark McMorris became the first ever person to land the Backside Triple Cork 1440, which in itself is plain and simple crazy.  To be riding down a mountain, going off a jump, and then actually dominating a trick move is skill that very few have.  To land this trick? Only one.

Snowboarding is a sport that usually only gets recognition during the Winter Olympics and, if you are lucky, during the X Games.  It is a niche market with not much revenue when compared to the bigger individual sports (tennis, golf, etc).  However, if you have ever tried snowboarding, then you know it takes a good amount of athleticism to hold your own.

Check out the video.

Mad props to McMorris.  Keep the tricks coming.

And shout out to Melissa Larsen for the blog posting.

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