Bibby, Murphy likely to join Heat?

Guard Mike Bibby and forward Troy Murphy have agreed to buyouts with their respective teams (Bibby with the Wizards, and Murphy with the Warriors), so that they are free to sign with other teams once they clear waivers.  Chris Broussard is now reporting that the Miami Heat is the likely frontrunner for both Murphy and Bibby. (Bibby to the Heat?)  Of course, if the Heat were to sign either of the players, they would also have to cut as many players as they sign.  Broussard indicates that center Jamaal Magloire and point-guard Carlos Arroyo would be first to go, in a scenario where the Heat would sign both Bibby and Murphy.  Given that both Bibby (32) and Murphy (30) are in their thirties, does this move make a lot of sense?

My initial reaction is that it doesn’t change all that much.  We knew from the beginning of the season that the Heat’s biggest problem would be size.  How would they contend with the front-courts of the Celtics, Magic, and Lakers (and the Bulls, I suppose, with a healthy Boozer and Noah)?  Currently, their big men include Ilgauskas, Anthony (if you can call him a “big man”), and Haslem — I’m not so sure that the addition of Murphy, known more for his jump-shot than his inside play, would make them a lot stronger at the PF-C positions.

With respect to Bibby, sure — he brings veteran poise to (relatively) young team.  But is Bibby much better than Arroyo or Chalmers?  I’m not so sure.  And do the Heat really need another guard? If the Heat are going to make (or win) the NBA finals, they’ll need a big (or two) who can get rebounds and play solid post defense.

Your thoughts?  Weigh in below.

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