Gigante the Movie

After a rumble and tumble year, characterized best as the “Year of the Misfits”, the Giants have embarked on a new endeavor.  This time: Hollywood.

Gigante‘ will come out, hopefully, in the summer and follows Andres Torres’s ADHD battle through the minors and successful climax to a World Series ring.

What are some of the greatest ‘somewhat associated’ to a sports team movies? My top 3:

1. Mighty Ducks (D2 of course)

2. Remember the Titans

3. Brian’s Song

What are yours?

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One Response to Gigante the Movie

  1. Phillip Vargas says:

    3 good choices,
    a couple of others,
    The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979)
    Space Jam! Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan!
    Pride of the Yankees
    sand lot

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