Happy Birthday, Michael!

(please scroll down for video)


23rd play – Notice New Jersey’s bench.

22nd – Dikembe Mutombo was the player that enticed Jordan to close his eyes on the free-throw shot.

20th – This was the play lifted for an intensity commercial back in the 90’s (I think for Gatorade) where one of the Knicks’ players hit Jordan in the face and then Jordan cursed out the camera man.

18th – Jordan decided to lick his fingers because Spike was trash-talking him during the pregame (and game.)

15th – After The FLU-Game, the team doctor tried to hook an intravenous tube to Michael, and he was like, “Fuck off.  Give me some Gatorade.”

13th – The largest attendance at an NBA game (save the all-star game in Dallas) was 62,046 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on March 27, 1998 for a game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls. This was the last game that Michael Jordan was to play in the city as a Bull.

11th – Despite earning the only triple-double (14-11-11) in all-star game history, Glenn Rice won the MVP award that game.

9th – Listen to Avery Johnson commentating while Jordan does his thing… tell me the Little General doesn’t have one of the funniest voices in NBA history.

8th – In addition to 69 points, he went 23 for 37 from the field; 21-23 from the free-throw line; 18 rebounds; 6 assists; 4 steals.  HE WENT FOR 69-18-6-&-4!!!

4th – This was the game where Larry Bird said that was, “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”  Jordan dropped 63; the most ever in a playoff game.  However, the game did go into double-overtimes AND they lost. (Also, it might be the most points, but not the best scoring performance in the playoffs – Elgin Baylor went for 61 and 22 rebounds in the finals against the Celtics)

1st – THE PUSH.  Notice a couple of things, Scottie Pippen is WIDE OPEN at three, but he didn’t even hesitate to call for the ball (nor did MJ even consider passing), Pippen’s hands are down because he knows Jordan is about to do something historic.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Michael!

  1. Flying Haque says:

    number 23 (the first play) might be the best layup i’ve ever seen. ever

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