The Impact of Tonight’s Laker-Celtics Game on Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum

The unfortunate reality is that Ron Artest has been useless for the Lakers this season. I’ve said from his press conference in San Diego, in which he wore a Padres hat but didn’t know that SD had a baseball team, that Ron Ron was worse for the Lakers than Trevor Ariza except when the Lakers play two teams: Boston and Denver. His talents showed when the Laker SF man-handled Paully Pierce in the Finals last year. HOWEVER, his lack of offensive production this year holistically, his poor play against Miami on x-mas day, and Paully’s 32 points on 11-18 shooting in the Staples Center showdown in January have Laker fans weary. A solid shutdown of Paully tonight could keep him in the purple and gold past the Feb. 24th trade deadline. Another no show and he might find himself in a packaged deal for another athletic SF.

On the other hand, King Bynum has had flashes of greatness this year; however, the pull for Melo is strong especially with the athletic wings of Miami gelling so well so early. He needs to dominate tonight to help Kupchak and Coach Phil to remember the importance of dominating the paint against the beasts of the east.

I personally hope Ron Ron will have another memorable June:

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2 Responses to The Impact of Tonight’s Laker-Celtics Game on Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum

  1. Jay H. says:

    There is one problem with the “Artest might find himself as part of a package for another athletic SF” theory. And it is a rather large problem. NO ONE WANTS ARTEST!

    This has much less to do with his character than his contract and on-court performance (or lack of on-court performance).

    Artest is making $6.3 million this year. Artest’s contract after this year is for 3 years and $21.7 million. That is not cheap. Especially for a player that is averaging career lows in points (8.2), assists (1.9), rebounds (3.0), steals (1.4), and minutes played (28.4). Not to mention that Artest is 31 years old. Do you really want to be paying Artest $7.7 million 3 years from now to drag himself around the court for 20 minutes a game? I didn’t think so.

    The Lakers have 1 asset and that is Bynum. The problem is that Bynum isn’t a good enough asset for teams to be OK with taking Artest’s corpse.

    The ONLY possible way Artest is moved is if the Lakers take an equally horrific contract in return. And that isn’t going to net the Lakers another “athletic SF.” Why trade dead weight for dead weight?

  2. kidveesh says:

    Hi Jay, thanks for the comment.

    There have actually be talks of moving Artest to a few teams. Both the Lakers and Bobcats had agreed in principle on trading Artest for Gerald Wallace. However, Jordan and the front office pulled the deal after word from Artest that he didn’t want to go to Charlotte. Although, Artest has no voice in the matter, Jordan didn’t want to have to deal with an unhappy Artest on an insignificant team. Artest would probably just go psycho again.

    The only team I know of thus far that doesn’t want his contract are the Nuggets. I think teams do view Artest as a guy that can still be a significant offensive/defensive contributor (like he was for the Rockets a year and a half ago). The triangle still has him just shooting corner three’s. So I disagree with him being assessed as “dead weight” by other teams. But with the Laker’s offensive system and his lack of willingness to play defensive (potentially due to his unhappiness with the triangle/Phil), he has been dead weight for LA for the past three months.

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