KG: Beast or Poser?

Two nights ago against the Mavs, Garnott first initiated an altercation with JJ Barea (following a hard but non-provoking foul by the little guy), grabbed and lowered the arm of a referee who was trying to stop any kind of fight, and then still failed to jump high enough to hit the game-tying alley-oop at the end of the game. This guy needs to stop acting like some kind of warrior and actually hit a clutch shot rather than relying on Pierce/Allen to bail the Celts out at the end of every close game.

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2 Responses to KG: Beast or Poser?

  1. SwagFlu says:

    lemme catch this fool KG slippin in LA…he’s a punk!

  2. Saq-Attax says:

    KG may be a paper tiger, but linking that to his ability/inability to hit a clutch shot? Come on man, his play speaks for itself, no one can reasonably question that.

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