Wiz Khalifa vs Lil Wayne

Wiz came out with the “Black & Yellow” hit song this past summer, as a tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yesterday, Lil Wayne came out with a “Green & Yellow – Remix” for the Packers.

Click here for Lil Wayne’s remix and here for Wiz’s.

Who’s song is better?

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2 Responses to Wiz Khalifa vs Lil Wayne

  1. SwagFlu says:

    This fool weezy is a fool and a front runner. he just reps whoever is hot. he dropped “kobe bryant” (see: http://youtu.be/P4glP4Awr_g) when the lakers were in the playoffs last year. and now he conveniently comes out with “green and yellow” the week before the packers play in the superbowl. i guess it’s a good PR move, but couldn’t he think of something a little more original?

    also, if weezy can’t stop reppin NOLA and loves his city so much, why hasn’t he put out a record for the hornets or the saints? ever since he was with the hot boys, he would always talk about the magnolia projects, louisiana, new orleans, katrina, etc. he even went as far as naming a mixtape “lil weezyana.” if you’re gonna hold it down for your city and state, the least you can do is represent your athletic teams. How about a song about the LSU tigers? Tulane has a basketball team, right? LSU Tech is decent at times, right? Xavier always fields a squad in the NCAA tourney, make a song about them!

    at least wiz puts on for his city and didn’t need his team to be in the superbowl before releasing his record. moreover, wiz set a trend with his “(color) and (color)” song. a multitude of other songs have surfaced in response to wiz’s song:
    -fabo put out “blue and white” for the yankees,
    -a bunch of no name bay area rappers put out “black and orange” when the giants were in the world series
    -the game put out “purp and yellow” for the lakers
    -some bodymore, murdaland rappers put out “black and purple” when the ravens were trying to take out the steelers in the AFC divisional game

    i can go on with some more songs, but the point is wiz set a trend with his song and weezy is just a front-runner, plain and simple.

    • SwagFlu says:

      edit: Louisiana Tech, the alma mater of Karl Malone, Terry Bradshaw, and Paul Millsap (who led the NCAA in rebounds for 3 straight years)

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