Niners Hire Roman as Offensive Coordinator

The niner’s coaching staff seems to be filling up with Stanford coaches.

Do you all think it is a bad thing or a good thing to use college coaches for an NFL team?

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2 Responses to Niners Hire Roman as Offensive Coordinator

  1. ASizzy says:

    Very nervous about college coordinators with a college coach. But at this point, it can’t be any worse than the coaching last year right?

  2. The Unknown Sports says:

    The main difference with Harbaugh’s college coaching staff is that they (the offensive coordinator and the defensive coordinator) have NFL experience. So they may be able to alleviate the transition period for Harbaugh. However, in general, having college coaches coach in the NFL for the first time presents an unknown factor. Usually, it is due to a really bad prior season (6-10 in this case) to get a college coach/head coach change. The upcoming year may be better than last, but it also may be a losing season again (see Bill Walsh’s first season, Pete Carroll’s second NFL stint, Steve Spurrier, etc). We’ll see what happens, but this upcoming season is not one to get hopes up for.

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