BCS Title Game Picks

Here’s how a couple of our experts envision the game panning out… 

najmhaque: “The SEC is the best conference in football. They’ve won a million national championships. Nobody can beat their best team year after year.” Or some such garbage like that. To be honest, I don’t care about any other year. Oregon is the best team in the country and they’ll prove it on Jan. 10th. They have the most dynamic offense in college football, they were undefeated this year, and more than anything, they showed an ability to crush their opponents which championship teams need. Auburn made the National Championship Game as the best team in a (relatively) weak SEC, and Oregon will prove it on Monday.

pakastallion: Oregon is most effective when they play offense at a frantic pace.  After the California Bears held the Ducks to just 15 points, you can bet Auburn will base their game plan on that of Jeff Tedford and company.  While the Tigers will probably refrain from “faking-injuries,” look for them to methodically slow the game down, using their offense to build long sustained drives.  They will forego shots at converting big plays, for conservative chain movers.  Cam Newton will come up big for the Tigers, earning his money (pun intended) on third downs.  Be it long or short yardage third down situations, look for Newton’s dynamic quarterbacking to convert via his feet or arm.  After weathering an exciting first quarter, Auburn will slowly pull away by the third quarter.  This game will be competitive and fun, but not on par with Texas v. USC.   38 – 27 Auburn.

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