Inspirational Bloag Entry of the Week

Michelle Trachtenberg often provides me inspiration to do terrible things...

Michelle Trachtenberg often provides me inspiration to do terrible things…

I had an opportunity to sit down with an old mentor of mine today, someone I respect tremendously. She told me she was very proud of the person I was becoming. I told her I’m proud of myself because I no longer care if she was proud of me. Confusion was painted on her face. Her expression provided me the thirst to bloag tonight.

Speaking of thirst, our careers in a competitive environment have compelled us to yearn for approval. Compliments quench our need for acceptance. I find many people my age often telling me how happy they are because “my [boss] said I did an excellent job today.”

By no means am I arguing that feedback or positive criticism is unhelpful. But the need to seek approval? This is a manifestation of a person lower in his or her stage of development. Continue reading

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Back to Bloaging

Olivia Munn is the Princess to my Jabba the Hutt

Olivia Munn is the Princess to my Jabba the Hutt

I must bloag as I have not in years. I have to currently particularly because I’m about to start a 4 hour lecture on being kind to patients, which is impossible to me to bear as I’m a douchebag, which I’ll get into in a minute. T-sung just looked over and read the first sentence and commented “it’s only three hours.” Thanks, know-it-all.

He also told me he knows no straight dudes who bloag. T-sung is currently wearing a purple shirt and a purple jacket. I’ll give him this much, he’s not wearing express for the first time in his big-cheeked, asian life.

Continue reading

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US Soccer Superstars?

The WSJ just recently published this article on the lack of US supremacy in the futbol world.

The author, Matthew Futterman, states that the US is losing out on excuses on why we do not have a bonafide soccer player (aka a Lionel Messi of our own).  Futterman argues that there is still a long way to go before we see a superstar.  I would agree, but I also believe that Futterman has missed a major point: motivation.

Does anyone watch anything else on Sunday?

It is true that a larger number of individuals are playing the sport, and thousands of kids play each year, however from a younger person’s point of view there is still a lack of wanting to take his/her skills to the ‘next level’.  Why?  Simply because the US does not focus on soccer.  Television is dominated by Sunday football and weekly basketball/baseball/hockey.  There is a huge sport saturation due to the existence of the Big Four.  The youth are watching these other superstars and not the Messi’s or Ronaldo’s of the world.

In contrast, the rest of the world focuses on soccer as its primary sport.  Therein lies the disconnect.  The motivation to be on TV, the veneration by the US masses on a consistent basis, and the promise of money (with the MLS as the main US soccer league, there is little money to be earned compared to the other sports) encourages up-and-coming atheletes to chose a Big 4 sport.

So unless the US starts to focus more and more on soccer (which we are currently seeing due to the halo effects of last year’s world cup), we will still see a lack of elite soccer superstars.

Is Clint Dempsey our current superstar?

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Back on the Grass: Our 2011 Wimbledon Preview

Guest Article: Dr. SS Love

Does this guy ever retire?

The freshness of the grass at Wimbledon has begun to tickle my senses as we near what will be two weeks of my life dedicated to watching and analyzing every passing moment in what I would say is THE best spectacle in sports. With so many questions swirling around prior to the French Open, regarding Rafael Nadals current standing as the best player in the tennis world, Novak Djokovic’s new found confidence and unblemished record in 2011, and Roger Federer’s dark horse status, many of those questions have been put to rest as the status quo was back in order with yet another Federer Nadal final. It seems as if all the talk has been about the Williams’ sisters return and whether they can win the title or not and the coincidence that is Mahut-Isner meeting again in the first round following their 11-plus hour epic of a match in the very same round last year. Indeed there are more storylines that should be talked about more, such as Federer’s quest to tie Sampras’ modern era record of 7 Wimbledon titles or Djokovic’s continued quest of becoming world number 1. As we near the beginning of this grand tournament, let me break down the men’s draw and give you my predictions. Continue reading

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The Bush Crush

Guest Article by A. SPLATTER

If I were the BCS, I would be a hater too

With the BCS having stripped the USC Football team of the 2004 National Championship title, and the USC athletic program having exhausted all their available appeals to the NCAA, it seems that the “Reggie Bush saga” will soon, mercifully, be ending. With this sense of closure, however modest it may be, perhaps we are in a better position to answer an important question: how can the NCAA possibly justify those sanctions imposed on USC as a result of the so-called “Reggie Bush saga?” My answer to this question isn’t altogether controversial: they can’t. I suspect most will agree with me. But, if not, in what follows, I’ll try to convince the skeptics of this point. Continue reading

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Is Mark Jackson a Good Hire for the Warriors?

BY: EastCoastBias

The Warriors sure are making things interesting this offseason. First, new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber hired Jerry West and Bob Myers to man the front office. And yesterday, the Warriors hired current ESPN analyst Mark Jackson as head coach. The Warriors typically wait till the NBA draft to shock their fans and leave them scratching their heads.

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Are the Mavericks Done?

Now, the Dallas Mavericks will have to win at least one more game in Miami to win their first NBA Championship.  After dropping a nail-biter to the Heat last night, the Mavericks find themselves in a 2-1 hole heading into Game 4.  Dirk Nowitzki was phenomenal per usual, scoring 34 points to go along with 11 boards, but he missed a last-second jumper that would have sent the game to overtime.  That being said, Nowitzki was hardly to blame.  His teammates, on the other hand, deserve a ton.  Only 2 other Mavericks –Marion(10 pts.) and Terry (15 pts.) – even hit double-digits in scoring. Continue reading

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